2018 was a landmark in our eight-year journey as a specialist ABM agency. And in many ways it was a major milestone for ABM.

As we approach the New Year I’d like to thank our team and clients for a fantastic twelve months. I’d also like to share a few personal reflections on the year that was.

True to our ABM purpose

We see clear signs of ABM winning mindshare. After years of small-scale pilots and experimentation, its customer-centric ethos has captured attention at the highest levels of organizations.

CMOs are allocating more resources to ABM, with a dramatic increase in budget and team sizing.  We were delighted to sign a major contract with one of the world’s largest Cloud companies and double our roster of professional services clients like Deloitte.

Of course, these wins come with learnings too. The stakes get higher as ABM scales – and this year we’ve been invited to more RFPs, pitches and formal procurement processes.

We’ve had losses along the way which made us pause and think carefully about when we’ll win and where to invest.  We even made the decision to dial down much of our marketing efforts in 2018.

It can feel scary to turn away work, but it’s given us more clarity on the type of clients we want to partner with.  We’ve resisted the ‘ABM at Scale’ frenzy, and watch with interest as martech now shifts towards influencer marketing.

This focus was difficult at times, but gave us the space to invest more in our advisory services, build a high-pedigree client base, and ultimately hone our craft.

Power to people

Your ABM program will only be as strong as the team that drives it forward.

ABM needs teams with a diverse set of skills and a relentless growth mindset.  These people can be hard to find!

We’ve learnt this ourselves from trial and error. Building the first ABM agency from the ground up has meant we’ve had no template to follow. And we’ve made mistakes along the way. Whilst painful at times, it’s crystallized our ideal role profile,  organizational design and strategic capabilities.

MomentumABM is fast becoming a compelling career destination for professionals that are inspired by marketing with purpose. In 2019 I look forward to many exciting developments, including investment in our ABM Center of Excellence.

Happy ABM for 2019

This was the year that we matured into well-established industry player. It wasn’t an easy road, but the challenges we faced made us stronger.

I’m sure that the coming year will be full of surprises, but we’ll face them with the skills and confidence we gained over the past twelve months. Here’s to another bumper year!