Year 1: “Opportunity knocks”

Looking back on day 1, it felt very surreal. I walked into MomentumABM, into a tiny room with very few people and others squatting in meeting rooms on a different level. I was feeling sick…not the barf kind, but the genuine flu, so I went home early that day and didn’t return till 3 days later. Was I trying to avoid the reality of my current career path…?

Very quickly I found my rhythm and was approaching MomentumABM with a positive light. Alisha, Claire, Robert were all steering the ship into unchartered territories and yet my creativity was well received and applauded. I felt like I had a grip on what we needed and how to approach this new challenge in my career. I was discovering new ways of looking at creativity and a new way of problem solving for our clients. It was a steep learning curve, but I embraced the ABM world and realised this was an opportunity like no other. I was asked to own the creative space, flex my muscle, nurture creativity as though it was part of the DNA and show our clients how it truly works. To this day, I’m grateful for the opportunity that was presented to me.

Year 2: “Creativity sparks”

Year 2 felt more established and proved to be highly successful. I hired a diverse bunch of people, skills and new talent to build a high performing team. Clients were thrilled with the work, the team was thriving, and ABM creative became a “tangible” thing. The belief in ABM and what it can deliver was real and I wanted to bring that DNA and culture across the entire agency. I was extremely proud of the team’s effort and performance, so much so that everyone’s work was published in a coffee table book – “12 months of creativity at MomentumABM”, produced by myself and Alisha. Every person received special note, hand written and signed by the two of us. 

Year 3: “Found my worth”

Year 3 is about building credibility. Everyday poses a new challenge and every day is an opportunity to build more momentum with new or existing clients and internal stakeholders alike. A track record with SAP, Adobe, Microsoft, AWS, Google and Oracle strongly exists and that bar has been raised time and time again. My team knows their purpose in the ABM world and trust has played a big factor in all this. It’s something that can’t be made overnight and requires honesty and dedication that truly comes from the heart.

What’s next?

What excites me more so is the next chapter. What problem will we solve next, what door we will open, what conversation will we influence and what client will we inspire, intrigue, disrupt and wow?

The ability to combine business acumen and creativity has never been more important and this is exactly what I love about MomentumABM. I feel this is only the beginning… and wouldn’t want to continue my journey with a better bunch of creatives!