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In this, the snappily entitled ‘Era of Targeting’, you want to know how best to reach out to your customers and clients, for the greatest possible impact and effect. Of course you do. Every marketer does. You want to feed this into a sales strategy that will drive market share and business growth.

Marketing tools powered by that latest must-have tech marvel, machine learning, are enabling a more personalised approach to interaction with clients and prospects, and the reward programmes that follow. Some are already calling this ‘hyper-targeting’, but no amount of clever phrasing will tell you how to go about it.

Fortunately, there is Account-Based Marketing – which can offer advice on exactly the right approaches: those tools and techniques to employ that will best align with and focus your organisation’s sales and marketing initiatives, for happier marketers ­– and hopefully consumers, too.

ABM in the Era of Targeting

MomentumABM, is delighted to have been invited by BrightTALK Summits to conduct a webinar on this subject.  Our session, I am presenting is – Discover How to Drive the Biggest Impact with Account-Based Marketing – it will take place on 13th June. So please join me, at 10am, by registering here. It’s free and I’m confident you will learn something to your advantage.

As Strategy Director for perhaps the leading exponent of Account-Based Marketing, and a former marketer myself, I’ll be drawing on client examples and insights gained over many years. Key is how ABM delivers the best returns – giving marketing, as they say, ‘a seat at the top table’ through closer alignment with sales and commercial goals.

More specifically, I’ll be looking at:

  • The different models of ABM and how to choose the best fit for your organisation
  • Designing an ABM programme bespoke to your requirements, implementing & growing it successfully
  • Balancing a one-to-one focus, for the highest value client opportunities, with a cluster setup for reaching a wider set of accounts
  • Understanding the role of machine learning in ABM – including automated insight platforms and programmatic tactics
  • How to effectively blend the use of these tech tools with ABM expertise

Free and freely accessible

BrightTALK Summits take place monthly, presented by industry insiders from the sphere of business innovation and insight. Free online events, regularly attracting more than 20,000 professionals, these talks are designed as an entry point and, I hope, offer helpful and easily digestible advice.

It’s obviously not far off, 13th June, but please use the comments section to get in touch beforehand if you have questions. Again, you can register your interest here and I hope you’ll be able to join me. The webinar is timed at 45 minutes, so even in a world infamously dismissed as ‘tired of experts’, I hope there are some phrases that won’t come to mind.