Building the No1 performing program

Our brief

  • Build and scale a program to develop deals in global accounts
  • Move from the edge to the core to create larger deal sizes
  • Test and iterate exec audience engagement

What we did

Deep-dive research and building stakeholder war rooms to build deal creation strategies within global accounts.

In total we used over 900 data points to identify content, company and people-engagement signals, including personality profiling and psycholinguistic analysis to catalyze change.

Based on our insight we created interactions with carefully-crafted content aimed to appeal to stakeholders and to reflect their role in a sale. For example, we knew one stakeholder was likely to ask challenging questions, prioritize organizational benefit over personal benefit and be more interested in how things are done than why. We made certain our interactions reflected this.

MomentumABM were instrumental in us getting broader and deeper into Barclays, and securing the deal [$mm].

- AWS Global Account Manager

The business impact

• No1 best performing marketing program in AWS
• Boardroom-credibility of the program within AWS to support change
• Scaling across 60+ global accounts
• Building capabilities in enterprise marketing teams