Personality profiling to target key decision-maker

Business challenge

Amazon Web Services provides a highly reliable, scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform in the cloud that powers hundreds of thousands of businesses in 190 countries around the world.

AWS has convinced businesses around the world to move to the cloud by delivering lower costs and greater agility. But even within enterprise organizations where it has an existing footprint, there are unfulfilled opportunities to up- and cross-sell, to spread the benefits of cloud enterprise wider.

AWS had little traction with one of its highest-potential accounts, and only one true advocate. While it knew that two parts of the business were ripe for cloud adoption, AWS had limited line of sight and knowledge. Meanwhile, the target account was mid-way through a major IT installation, preferring to kick all other approaches into the long grass.

ABM objectives at a glance:

  • Help AWS to truly understand decision-making processes in their target account
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Open the door to a multimillion dollar pipeline


Following deep-dive research, we identified three key stakeholders. Although this was a small group of people,
they had a big influence over the decision-making process.

Using a range of our tools, we created stakeholder maps, executive profiles and deep-dive research to understand the opportunities and pain points of our stakeholders. In total we used over 900 data points to identify content, company and people-engagement signals.

We also created a personality profile for each stakeholder. These drew on social data such as publicly-expressed opinions and affinities. This also leveraged psycholinguistic analysis – how language reflects an individual’s worldview – to give an indication of how likely a person is to catalyze change.

Thanks to MomentumABM, not only did we know who to talk to, but how to talk to them too.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie - VP Customer Centre of Excellence, QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA)

Exection and engagement

Based on our insight we created an outreach email template that featured carefully-crafted copy aimed to appeal to each stakeholder’s area of interest and to reflect their personality traits. For example, as a ‘Go-Getter’ we knew one stakeholder was likely to:

• Ask challenging questions

• Prioritize organizational benefit over personal benefit

• Seek facts

• Be more interested in how things are done than why

This campaign has been instrumental in getting us broader and deeper into Barclays, and helped us secure a $mm deal at the end of last year.

- Global Account Manager


• AWS went from limited traction to direct contact with one of the account’s key decision makers in just seven days.
• Using insights and research techniques such as personality profiling, we were able to open up an entirely new dialogue within the account.