Building $29m deal with board approval

Our brief

  • Build key account business
  • Win the attention of senior decision makers in strategic accounts
  • Asserting Oracle’s voice as a partner for business transformation.
  • Trigger a step change in Oracle’s role as a ‘database supplier’

What we did

The first aim was to target Oracle’s key accounts. MomentumABM was tasked with targeting up to 70 of these accounts in the first phase and put in place a scalable approach to reach more in the future. A single go-to-market message was created, with a customer-first approach.

Our engagement strategy used thought leadership to demonstrate Oracle’s perspective on digital transformation and what this means in practice.

We chose Oracle’s Head of Digital – a respected digital transformation expert – to act as a ‘hub’ for opinion pieces and perspectives. These included blogs, interviews and roundtable events which grabbed the attention of analysts, journalists and industry commentators such as Wall Street Journal, The Times, Forbes and IDG.

We also created a series of assets which visualized digital use cases within the context of different industries. For further relevance we customised these assets to reflect the language and visual identity of individual accounts.

Oracle may not be the first name that comes to mind as a digital partner, but over the past two years, beginning in the EMEA region, the company has developed a strong competency to advise enterprises on digital strategy.

Tim Jennings - Chief Research Officer, Ovum IT

The business impact

• Disrupted board rooms in key accounts to develop $mm deals including the single largest deal in the UK
• Elevated value for customers, taking Oracle out of the IT heartland and creating space for a new type of dialogue with business stakeholders
• Strong positioning including acceptance from analyst firms