The power of one

Business challenge

QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA) harnesses insights, commercial depth, and scientific expertize to help their healthcare clients achieve important goals: improving clinical, scientific, and commercial results, realizing the full potential of innovations, and ultimately, driving healthcare forward.

Like most B2B organizations, QuintilesIMS doesn’t deal in the commodity sell. Unlike most, however, the complexity of the offer – clinical research solutions – is matched by an equally complex and highly-regulated market environment. Its target accounts – small in number but each highly desirable – view research data as a hugely competitive asset.

The QuintilesIMS team has high levels of expertize, but needed help seeking out new contacts and techniques to rethink customer relationships.

ABM objectives at a glance:

  • Identify opportunities among QuintilesIMS’s top 10 accounts
  • Identify new stakeholders with which QuintilesIMS should engage
  • Understand and match motivation, need and aspirations of each account and stakeholders within each account
  • Win and grow business earlier in the clinical project life cycle


We set about arming QuintilesIMS with a framework to reinvent its customer engagement within large accounts. Detailed insights into each account and every key stakeholder allowed us to look at customers through a new lens. Moreover, it sought to address cultural inertia and mismatch. Typical of this approach was the ‘Hope’ video created which invoked an aspirational message that reflected the values and mission of target accounts.

MomentumABM’s creative work is not only emotive, but it’s on message and resonates with customers.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie - - VP Customer Centre of Excellence, QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA)

Execution and engagement

A number of factors – including the regulatory environment and the subject-expertise of the QuintilesIMS sales team – made for a deliberately intimate media campaign. This was not a broadcast campaign, nor one channeled through paid media, online or direct mail. Instead, we created a series of assets for the QuintilesIMS sales team to direct at a limited number of stakeholders.
These included:

• Visionary videos invoking an aspirational and empathetic message that aligned with target-pharmaceutical organizations
• Thought leadership-style papers exploring issues that resonated with target accounts
• Strategy workshops designed to explore collaboration

We achieved connections that we did not think possible and, importantly, generated sales as a result

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie - VP Customer Centre of Excellence, QuintilesIMS (now IQVIA)


Over 12 months we helped the team at QuintilesIMS nurture seven multi-million opportunities. This represented a 316% uplift in account revenue growth and engaged more than 30 new C-level executives.