Increasing revenues by 316% from key customers

Our brief

  • Build growth opportunities in IQVIA’s top customers
  • Understand the customer and where IQVIA could create value
  • Engage to build relationships and aligning internal teams behind a common intention that could be reinforced at every customer interaction

What we did

We set about arming IQIVIA with a framework to reinvent its customer engagement in large accounts. Detailed insights into each account and key stakeholders allowed us to look at customers through a new lens.

We worked closely across sales, marketing, and partner teams to deliver growth and new ways of working.

Through customer insight, we implemented through leadership and customer first engagements.

We connected with execs and, importantly, generated revenue growth as a result.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie - VP Customer Centre of Excellence, IQVIA (formerly QuintilesIMS)

The business impact

In a twelve month period, QuintilesIMS developed 7 multi-million opportunities, created 30 new executive level relationships, and increased revenue by 316% across customers in the program.

MomentumABM’s implementation was not only emotive, but it’s on message and resonates with our top customers, showcasing the power of one to one.

Jane Mackenzie-Lawrie - VP Customer Centre of Excellence