Enterprise sales roles are hard to fill and churn at a high rate.  Organizations often address this with changes to sales processes and compensation packages.

But these “quick fixes” often don’t have the desired result. Because they simply don’t tackle the root cause of poor sales performance.

To build top-performing sales teams, organizations need a step change in culture. One that brings the customer into sharp focus.

It’s not about chasing down the next PO. Instead, it’s about using insight and engagement to nurture trust and valuable partnerships.

Having worked with some of the best enterprise sales teams, here are the consistent traits of those high performers:


Top performers spend time with customers

They treat customers like humans, rather than burying themselves in internal tasks.  They motivate cross-functional teams to address customer issues and free themselves up for value-based conversations with stakeholders.


The best sales teams proactively engage with new stakeholders

Rather than over serving friendly relationships with those they know, great sales teams find new ways to engage. They work hard to build good relationships and seek out harder conversations with new stakeholders.


“Best way to sell something – don’t sell anything. Earn the awareness, respect and trust of those who might buy.” – Rand Fishkin



They take the time to know their sh*t

To sell a business you need to know a business. And this goes deeper than sitting through another sales enablement webinar. The best sales teams understand the complexity that underpins their solutions and  work hard to simplify the offer.


Everything starts (and finishes) with the customer

Just as their own business has complexity, so too do enterprise accounts. The best sales teams take the time to keep tabs on the movers and shakers within an account and changes in their business. They work hard to connect this into their account strategy and continually ask, where else can we add value?