We’re excited to start 2019 with an introduction to Rhian Price, who recently joined MomentumABM as our Head of People.

Born and bred in London, Rhian has traveled around the world to gain invaluable global experience in her Human Resources career. A highlight has been her instrumental role in opening the first APAC offices for Californian ad agency 72andSunny in Sydney and Singapore.

Back in London and looking to make a long-lasting impact on home turf, Rhian gave us the lowdown…

What made you want to join the MomentumABM team?

There’s something about working for a fast growing business. It’s a feeling that you cannot find anywhere else. It can’t be bottled, it’s different within every organization and it’s addictive.

I will always count myself incredibly lucky to work with intelligent and creative people, but when you throw entrepreneurial spirit into the mix, amazing things happen.

I met with several companies on my return, but when I walked into the MomentumABM offices I really felt that spirit in the air. Speaking with Claire Nash, Alisha Lyndon and other leadership team members cemented my decision.

Where do you see the opportunities, one month into your new role?

There are so many great initiatives in play already, it’s hard to know where to start!

When an organization scales quickly it’s obviously important to get effective people operations and processes underway as a solid foundation. Fortunately, we have a smart, driven Ops team championing that every day and we have recently made some key hires to support this – including Deborah Connolly, Finance Director and Gary O’Donnell who heads up Creative Services.

I see my role as primarily strategic, looking ahead as our business grows with a world-class talent strategy. It’s my job to drive us towards being an employer of choice in 2019.

Where will you start?

Growing organizations need to constantly self-reflect; it’s the only way to learn from mistakes and continuously improve.

That’s step one, and we’re doing that all the time by enhancing communication, asking “why?” a lot more and coming together to own our journey – our ups and downs – as a team.

The rest is all about developing and retaining our incredibly talented people. One of our core values is that we’re People Powered; it all starts with you. People generally want to come to work and do great things with other equally talented people. After all, we do spend eight hours a day together!

Our talent strategy is integral to our success. We’re building the fundamental qualities of an account-based marketer (ABMer) and measuring potential candidates against our own values every single time. I’ll be focusing on attracting and retaining outstanding talent.

We’re also extending MomentumABM’s core training initiative – our Centre of Excellence – which focusses on strategy and consulting. This goes beyond the average training scheme. It is a tailored, ABM-specific series of workshops curated and delivered by our senior leadership team.

Part of our people strategy will always be to strengthen the capability of our teams in any way we can as a unit. That goes beyond the usual delivery of individual development plans. This is going to be a big focus for 2019.