Introduction to MomentumABM’s Center of Excellence

The Center of Excellence (CoE) is about sustaining our position as world’s best specialist ABM agency. We ensure we are delivering value at every touch-point, including growing our expertise. The CoE is helping the MomentumABM team expand their skills and confidence, upskilling everyone in the agency.

The CoE has been up and running for a little while, but this year we’re devoting much more time and energy to it, it’s become a central part of what we do as we continue to grow.

This week’s topic: Expertise.

As part of our ongoing Center of Excellence (CoE) programs, this week we’ve been discussing expertise. What exactly is an ABM expert?

One of the definitions of ‘expert’ that most resonates inside MABM is provided by David C. Baker in his book ‘The Business of Expertise’:

“Comparing similar situations and then noticing the patterns leads to expertise.”

It’s important to realize that the patterns you’re looking to spot might be old and familiar ones (“I remember doing something like this for a client a couple of years back”) or they might be new and emerging patterns. Another word of caution – you need to validate the pattern and not make too many assumptions.

Either way, being a conscious expert is an important consideration for everyone inside MomentumABM. It doesn’t matter what role you are in – clients expect you to be the expert. In that same book, David C Baker has a great quote:

“Clients are drawn to confidence.”

That doesn’t mean being a loudmouth who just talks a good game. It’s really about knowing what you’re expert at and sharing that confidently, and even assertively, with clients to help achieve specific goals.

This is becoming more, rather than less, important as clients begin to commit larger budgets to ABM and to initiate global programs. Clients will only commit those budgets if they have confidence in the people. Expertise is the deal-breaker.

So one of the homework assignments for this week’s CoE is for everyone to imagine they’ve been asked to speak at an industry event on the future of ABM. Everyone is being asked to prepare a speaker bio that positions themselves as an ABM expert.

After all, if we’re helping to position our clients to do business with their most important enterprise customers, we need to be able to position ourselves and our expertise.