Personality Profiling builds on our expertise and intellectual property of account-based insights to truly realise the behaviour and traits of key buy-side influencers.

Without Insights there is no understanding, without understanding no empathy and without empathy only messaging that misses the mark. That’s why we put Insights at the core of our ABM process and that’s why we keep on creating more sophisticated ways to get beneath the surface of decision makers.

If you’ve worked with our strategy team already, you will have seen them generate profiles of key executives and stakeholders derived from a combination of primary and secondary sources.

Personality Profiling is a step change in this process, enriching our knowledge of key stakeholders to identify how likely they are to drive change in an organisation.

The Personality Profiling we do identifies ‘change agents’, ‘blockers’ and ‘advocates’, useful signals especially for sales teams most likely to encounter these influencers face-to-face. Given the volatile and often political decision-making process in most customer organisations, only by understanding these personality types can you engage in a meaningful way.

By undertaking Personality Profiling we combine well-established psychological science with modern application of B2B buying behaviours. It’s not an exact science but rather an approximation of a person’s likelihood to drive change.

To take a notional example, from the Personality Profiling we know not only about Henry’s skills and experience but his traits and characteristics too. He is, for example, a task-oriented leader motivated by exploration and discovery. He responds well to peer recognition, as well. He’s cooperative, creative and proactive. Meanwhile, those seeking to do business with him must hit deadlines, deliver on promises and be willing to spend time exploring new ideas. These are actionable traits.

We are excited to be able to assist clients with this level of sophistication.