Last week Matt Senatore and Nicky Briggs launched the Sirius Decisions 2019 State of Account Based Marketing report. Both did an excellent job in an absorbing webinar. If only this were true for all webinars with ABM in the title!

A couple of standout statistics reinforce the impact of ABM:

  • 80 percent claim that ABM increases deal size, by an average of 13 percent.
  • Nearly three quarters of respondents say ABM increases win rates, by an average of 21 percent.
  • A staggering 99 percent of respondents have seen improved engagement with ABM.

So far, so good.

What gets measured gets done

Despite these stellar statistics on ABM performance, both Matt and Nicky had a stark warning. Roughly half of companies are not measuring impact. Indeed, this non-measurement is a threat to ABM itself. It will struggle to sustain impetus if companies struggle to quantify benefits.

But this feels strangely counterintuitive.  ABM’s rise in popularity is directly attributed to its proven track record of results. So what’s really happening?

Are metrics frameworks keeping up?

The metrics debate is especially interesting as budgets for ABM climb steeply. Sirius reported that the average budget for an ABM program is now $350K (excluding headcount). For programs running for more than one year, the average is $620K.

From what I see from our work, these budget thresholds feel conservative—particularly as clients establish global programs.

Could it be that measurement frameworks have simply not kept pace with increased budgets? Have companies evolved quickly enough to re-think their volume-driven, traditional metrics?

Perhaps this is down to definitions. The Sirius data scoops up everything from highly tailored marketing for accounts, through to tech- and tool-based ABM. Taking this into account, much of reported ABM spend could be going on media and telemarketing—essentially traditional lead-gen type activity.

However we extrapolate the Sirius Decisions’ report, it would seem that measurement will be a key trend for this year and beyond.