You may be familiar with ABM, but what if you engage with dozens, even hundreds of accounts? We have teamed up with ITSMA to provide a best practice sharing session around just that: Scaling ABM. I will be running the webinar together with our Group Strategy Director, Claire Nash, and ITSMA’s Senior Vice President, Rob Leavitt.

The magic of account-based marketing (ABM) happens when marketers dig deep into individual accounts and craft creative propositions and programs for specific stakeholders within each account. While it may involve more work up front, the process yields targeted results at the end.

Historically, when marketers use ABM, they generate enormous business impact for key accounts. The challenge for many companies today is scaling their ABM programs to cover more accounts without losing that magic touch – and without breaking the bank.

This complimentary, 30-minute interactive webcast will provide data, guidelines and a discussion around successful case study examples we have worked on using ABM. We will outline how using ABM can bring the magic to dozens or even hundreds of accounts without sacrificing the customer-centric principles of One-to-One ABM.  While technology can help with scaling, it’s the creative content, communication, and collaboration that stand on center stage.

The session takes place on October 17th at 8 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Eastern, and 4 p.m. U.K. time.

To join our webinar and learn more about scaling ABM without losing the magic, register here.