At MomentumABM we pride ourselves on the business we build for category leaders. We are good at it. We’re less good at articulating, in simple terms, what we do and how we do it. Or we have been until now. It’s time to put that right so here goes…

Our purpose is to:

Unite sales and marketing teams to help them grow their most valuable customers  

We do it for:

Global organisations with complex offerings


Our ‘why?’

When I set up MomentumABM in 2011, I’d long believed there had to be a better way for sales and marketing teams to work together for the good of their organisation and their most valuable customers. After a decade of experiencing generic campaigns and siloed account teams first hand, I had the vision for a different kind of company.

MomentumABM was formed to change the way global organisations with complex offerings go to market; how they create a differentiated position when interacting with their most valuable customers.

So, our ‘why?’ –  is to re-orientate organisations towards their key customers, unite account teams, understand customer need and build a better value exchange.


How we do it

We apply our market leading expertise to understanding and deconstructing our clients’ complex propositions before taking them to their customers. Our approach creates competitive advantage and builds long-term, mutually beneficial relationships that deliver consistent growth.

We build capabilities within our clients’ teams while delivering direct change through the work we produce. We develop agile, cross disciplined teams that are in step with the customer motion. This customer-first mindset rubs off on our clients and changes how they work: sales and marketing teams collaborate, rethink positioning and grow their most valuable customers together.

We’re at the intersection of three types of organisation:

We’re part marketing agency

We apply creativity to address specified challenges with important customers. We relish challenges that require us to develop break through creative ideas. We deliver with energy and speed.

We’re part management consultancy

We deliver business change, we’re credible at the board level and we bring sales and teams together. We don’t just bring critical thinking, we implement it too.

We’re part research firm

We have the expertise to help transform businesses. We advise, deliver customer insight and focus on the ‘so what’.


Who we work with

Our clients are typically global organisations with complex offerings. They tend to operate in highly saturated and competitive markets where the only differentiator is the relationship they can establish with their customers and prospects.

Inside these organisations, we work with sales and marketing leaders and their teams. The two functions are looking to capitalise their existing customer relationships, market position and infrastructure. And they are looking to establish a mutual alignment that hasn’t existed to date. It necessitates a fundamental change at the core of the business. That’s no simple task. In fact, it’s like building the runway while landing a plane full of passengers.


Why clients work with us?

Our clients are typically looking for four things:

  1. Speed: “We need to grow customer revenue and the size of deals. How can we change perceptions, grow relationships and secure revenue in our key accounts?”
  2. Proof: “Our program is good but growth has been patchy. How can we build an approach to sustain growth and gain internal credibility?”
  3. Scale: “We have a sustained approach for our most important customers but we need to create the right culture and build the capabilities in account marketing.”
  4. Transformation: “We’ve created a movement in the business and we want it to impact our entire go-to-market efforts.”

Clients are looking for external help to improve collaboration across the business – and to do it fast enough to keep up with the market opportunity.

For our clients, the systems, content and processes are well underway. Next, it’s the really hard stuff that needs tackling – understanding the customer, identifying where to create value, building relationships and aligning teams behind a common intention. To deliver, they need:

  • Close collaboration across sales, marketing and partners to deliver growth and new ways of working
  • Expertise in creating value through insight-based perspectives and customer-first engagement strategies
  • Boardroom credibility to provide advice and coaching to support change

This is exactly what we do. To recap:

Our purpose is to:

Unite sales and marketing teams to help them grow their most valuable customers  

We do it for:

Global organisations with complex offerings


Are we any easier to understand? I’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts…